Wedding Guide

Help! Where to Start?

There are many wonderful tools available on the web today to help guide you through this process. We have been providing unique, personalized Groomsmen gifts since 1996, and have pulled together a few resources that we hope will be useful.

Your wedding is coming up faster than you think and both of you have to make important decisions quickly to make sure that this day is not only the most important in your lives but the most beautiful and memorable as well. No pressure there, but you can’t afford to let it go wrong.

With a cool head on your shoulders and a little bit of advice, we are sure you can make it through this wedding planning period and have a great wedding day.

Wedding Calendar

The first is a calendar of events you should use to make sure your aren't forgetting something or aren't falling too far behind!

Expense Guide

The second is a guide to various wedding expenses, so that again you aren't leaving something totally out, and to provide some guidance on who is expected to pay for what!

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